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Vol. 18, No. 3, pp. 767-770 (1999)

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A New Minimal Point Theorem in Product Spaces

A. Göpfert, Chr. Tammer and C. Zalinescu

A. Göpfert: Dept. Math. & Inform. Univ., D-06099 Halle; Chr. Tammer: Dept. Math. & Inform. Univ., D-06099 Halle; C. Zalinescu: Fac. Math. Univ. ``Al. I. Cuza'', 6600 Ia\c si, Romania

Abstract: We derive a minimal point theorem for a subset $A$ in a cone in product spaces under a weak assumption concerning the boundedness of the considered set $A$. Using this result we improve two vectorial variants of Ekeland's variational principle. Finally, a new characterization of well-based cones is given.

Keywords: minimal point theorems, Ekeland's variational principle, well-based cones

Classification (MSC2000): 49J40, 90C29, 46A40, 90C26

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