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Vol. 18, No. 3, pp. 651-667 (1999)

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On Products of Admissible Liftings and Densities

N. D. Macheras, K. Musia{\l} and W. Strauss

N. D. Macheras: Dept. Stat. Univ., 80 Karaoli and Dimitriou str., 185 34 Piraeus, Greece, e-mail: macheras@unipi.gr; K. Musia{\l}: Inst. Math. Univ., 50-384 Wroc{\l}aw, Poland, e-mail: musial@math.uni.wroc.pl; W. Strauss: Math. Inst. A Univ., PF 80 11 40, D-70511 Stuttgart, e-mail: strauss@mathematik.uni-stuttgart.de

Abstract: We introduce the classes of admissible densities and show that there exist densities respecting coordinates, and product densities with marginals prescribable within these classes. For liftings there is the corresponding class of admissibly generated liftings. We apply these results to improve theorems on product liftings and liftings respecting coordinates and to provide them a unifying approach.

Keywords: admissible densities, product liftings, liftings respecting coordinates

Classification (MSC2000): 28A51, 60A10

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