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To authors

For the publication in the journal original papers in Russian or English containing new results and reviews on journal subjects can be accepted. Thus paper should have abstract in Russian as well in English. Besides authors may present (and it is recommended) the adequate translation of the published paper from one language into another. This translated text of the paper is placed just beyond the original text.

The journal accepts brief responses or debatable remarks on previously published papers for the publication. These responses or remarks are placed in journal just beyond the paper or its English translation. For the publication of responses or remarks the recommendation are not required, but the volume of printout of each publication should not exceed 2 pages of format A4. Responses and remarks can be written in Russian or English.

The authors of published papers take on completeness of the responsibility for the contents of papers and for the fact of their publication. Authors cannot make changes or additions into them, but they can send the additional remarks to their own paper on common basis . Editorial staff of journal does not take on any responsibility to authors and/or to the third persons and the organizations for the possible damage caused by the publication of the paper. Editorial staff has the right to withdraw published paper if it is found that during the publication someone's rights or the standard norms of scientific ethics have been broken. Editorial staff informs the author presented the paper and the organizations where the work was carried out of the fact of withdrawal of paper.

Distribution on electronic networks of any papers from the journal or quotations from them is permitted, but at such distribution the reference to the primary source is obligatory. The edition and/or distribution of journal materials by the third persons or the organizations on paper and firm electronic mediums are forbidden.

Rules of design of papers

The volume of paper should not exceed 1,5 a. l. The paper is signed by the author (collective of authors) with the indication of surname, name and patronymic, official post address, address of e-mail and phone number. If the paper was returned to the author for revision two dates are indicated in the publication: dates of receipts into editorial office of the initial variant and the final text.

Into editorial office the manuscript in duplicate prepared with the help of macropackage AMS-TEX and designing accordingly to standard requirements to author's originals, and the corresponding file are presented. The sample of paper designing is given below. In preparation of a file the special attention should be focused on undesirability of use new (introduced by the author at a composition) command sequences, especially with parameters. It is necessary to use basically standard means of a macropackage. Also it is extremely undesirable to use needlessly gap signs.

In the beginning of the paper the code of UDC is indicated. The text is preceded by the resume in volume no more than 2/3 typewritten pages, describing obtained results and considered problem. Formulas, theorems, corollaries, remarks, etc. are numbered separately. Numbers are given only to those formulas on which there are references in the text. The numbered formulas are settled down in separate lines, number of the formula is put at the right edge of a sheet.

The list of the literature is located at the end of paper. References to the literature in the text are given in square brackets and numbered in order of their appearance. Designing of the literature must correspond to standard requirements. The illustrative material (no more than 5 figures) for the paper must be executed with use of a computer, and into editorial office files of figures in format pcx and their laser printing must be given.
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