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On Journal

"Vladikakazian mathematical journal" is oriented to the broad section of the experts who are interested in both modern researches in the field of fundamental mathematics, and problems of mathematical modelling in engineering, natural sciences, ecology, medicine, economy, etc. Journal is issued by Southern Mathematical Institute of Vladikavkazian scientific centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences since 1999.

The mathematical science in Ossetia - Alania is connected with scientific schools of Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk and other foremost Russian scientists. However in recent years there is a tendency for curtailing of these communications and that adversely affected on a level of mathematical researches in republic. The aim of the given electronic journal is twofold - to draw attention of the mathematical public to the researches accomplished in North Ossetia - Alania Republic, and also to promote expansion and strengthening of scientific contacts of ossetic mathematicians with the Russian and foreign colleagues.

The editorial board hopes that the journal will present new opportunities for sharing of the scientific information, will serve mutual penetration of new statements of problems, ideas and approaches, reviving of scientific communications and will stimulate the mathematical researches in Ossetia - Alania and in North Caucasian region of Russia.

The papers are submitted in format PDF. For their reading you can use freely distributed software product Acrobat Reader

We hope that VMJ (Vladikavkazian mathematical journal) will provoke interest and will find the response among readers. You can send all remarks and proposal to the address: rio@smath.ru
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