MATHEMATICA BOHEMICA, Vol. 126, No. 2, pp. 353-361 (2001)

Numerical simulation of 3D transonic flow through cascades

J. Fort, J. Fürst, J. Halama, K. Kozel

J. Fort, J. Fürst, J. Halama, K. Kozel, Department of Technical Mathematics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering CTU Prague, Karlovo namesti 13, CZ-121 35 Praha 2, Czech Republic, e-mail:, furst@marian.

Abstract: The paper deals with the numerical solution of 3D transonic flow through axial turbine cascades. Finite volume methods based on TVD MacCormack cell-centered and Ni's cell-vertex schemes are discussed. A comparison of numerical results for 3D stator and rotor cascades is presented.

Keywords: transonic flow, finite volume methods, Euler equations, turbines

Classification (MSC2000): 76H05, 76M25

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