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Research Articles

  • Solvable and/or Integrable Many-Body Models on a Circle
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/jgsp-30-2013-1-18
    Oksana Bihun and Francesco Calogero

  • Vector Parameters in Classical Hyperbolic Geometry
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review][Full Text - DjVu] doi:10.7546/jgsp-30-2013-19-48
    Danail Brezov, Clementina Mladenova and Ivaïlo Mladenov

  • A Model Suitable for Numerical Investigation of Beam-Soliton Interaction in Electrostatic Plasmas
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/jgsp-30-2013-49-61
    Evstati G. Evstatiev

  • Green's Function, Wavefunction and Wigner Function of the MIC-Kepler Problem
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/jgsp-30-2013-63-73
    Tomoyo Kanazawa

  • Sigma Functions for a Space Curve of Type (3,4,5)
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review][Full Text - DjVu] doi:10.7546/jgsp-30-2013-75-91
    Shigeki Matsutani and Jiryo Komeda

  • Killing Forms on Kerr-NUT-(A) dS Spaces of Einstein-Sasaki Type
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/jgsp-30-2013-93-104
    Mihai Visinescu

  • Recursion Operators and Expansions Over Adjoint Solutions for the Caudrey-Beals-Coifman System with \(\mathbb{Z}_P\) Reductions of Mikhailov Type
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/jgsp-30-2013-105-120
    Alexandar Yanovski

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